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Randolph Designs’ approach to Environmental Design is holistic, built on a sound foundation of design and making. We bring big dreams to Life through enduring buildings, evocative spaces, and responsive furnishings that are resilient, buoyant, good for people and the environment.


In 1984 John Randolph co-founded Interim Office Of Architecture [IOOA] with Bruce Tomb in San Francisco. Their collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavor redefined the interconnected roles of furnishings, site-specific art, and architectural space. IOOA is perhaps best known for their 1987 Headlands Center for the Arts ‘Latrine’ project, along with their 1996 installation commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [SFMoMA], titled ‘GNOMON’. IOOA’s collaborations, award-winning installations, idiosyncratic furnishings, and architectural projects have been extensively exhibited, collected, and published, nationally and internationally. Randolph and Tomb retired the IOOA brand, after a fertile fourteen-year collaboration ending in 1997.
In 1998, John Randolph became the founding principal of Randolph Designs [RD], his San Francisco-based integrative Environmental Design Consultancy. Formally trained in the United States and Denmark, Randolph is an accomplished “General Practitioner of Design,” and has been operating at the crux of residential and retail environments, mutable furnishings, site-responsive installations, and evocative exhibitions for more than thirty-five years.
Today, Randolph Designs’ refined commissions continue to make permeable the boundaries that have traditionally segregated design, architecture, and art. It is this convergence of thought and expression that coalesces within the spirit of Randolph Designs’ methodology. Dedicated to bringing resilience, sustainability, creativity, and joie de vivre to every venture, Randolph Designs’ provides collective experience and bespoke responsiveness to the distinct needs and desires of forward-thinking individuals, companies, organizations, and families.
Over the years since 1989, John Randolph continues as a design educator. He has lectured widely and educated students at Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc] in Los Angeles, CA from 1991 to 1993, and is (intermittently) active as an Adjunct Professor, Thesis Advisor, and Guest Critic at California College of Arts [CCA] in San Francisco, engaging with students and teachers across a broad curriculum of Art, Architecture, and Industrial Design.
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